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Additional Resources

* Explorer of the Hudson River - A description by Half Moon Press, book publisher.

An essay on Hudson's "lost leadership":

Was Hudson after gold on his final voyage, not a Northwest Passage? See the intriguing article by Carl Schuster from Beaver Magazine:
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Hudson River Maritime Museum
Julian Hawthorne's 1920 History of the United States has a chapter on Henry Hudson here.
An audio transcript that briefly describes Hudson's last voyage is available on the Atlas of Canada site. Apple's Quicktime player is required.
The History of New York State, online edition has several chapters about Hudson's voyage here and here and here.
Scientific American published an item on Hudson in 1909.
Rivers of America, a 1939 book, had a piece on Hudson.
The American Biography site has an entry about Hudson.
Edward Wright's "new map" (published by Hakluyt in 1599)
Excerpt about Hudson from Our County, a 19th century textbook.
Chapters from How the Dutch Came to Manhattan, by Blanche McManus (1897) are online.
A precis of the text of George Asher (see below) and John Meredith Read is at Famous Americans
Robert Juet is described as New York's first weather observer.
Passage Up the Hudson contains parts of Prickett's journal.
A page from the Stuyvesant Library on Hudson's 1609 voyage (in Dutch).
A history of Dutch Settlement in America (esp. Delaware) 1609-1636 is at Accessible Archives.
The Dictionary of Famous People has an entry about Hudson and many of his contemporaries. including Van Meteren (also at Science Daily).
The Mariners' Museum has a lot of biographies of explorers, including Hudson.
Henry Hudson page at the IMA Hero reading program