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Lottie Warren was a cargo Ship of the 1860's. Paul Curtis received the commission from George Warren and Company of Liverpoolin 1863 and built this ship at East Boston. Lottie warren was one of several ships built in Boston for this English business which later became the Warren Line of steamships.

Lottie Warren, owned by Warren and Company of Liverpool, ran under the British flag in the trans-Atlantic and Far Eastern trades for as long as 18 years. Later it was sold and owned by other businessmen of various countries, including Dutch, Russian and France. In 1903, Lottie Warren was unfortunately wrecked off the Bahamas.

Cargo Ships and Its Breif History

A cargo ship refers to a kind of ship that carries cargo or any kind of materials or goods from one port to another. It is also called freighter. In the United States, there are 28 cargo ships 1 passager/cargo ship. Around the world there are thousands of ports designated for cargo ship business. For a list of ports and harbors in the U.S., you can visit the **Water** section of the Transportation in the United States via Wikipedia. If you are interested in cargo ship type, size and history, you should visit cargo ship on Wikipedia as well.

Greek has a long waterway trading history due to its both historical and georgraphic reasons. Cargo ships were well-used by Greek traders or pirates around the Mediterranean sea and even beyond. Bigger cargo ships often had two or even three masts. On these cargo ships, you would find various goods like jewelry, clothing, perfume, wine, foods, vases, paintings and tools. To know more, you may click here.

There is also an interesting article about Warships and Cargo Ships in the Medieval Europe written by Richard W. Unger in 1981. In the section about "The Mediterranean", he says, "In the Mediterranean in the early middle ages there was already a long-standing differentiation between ships for fighting and ships intended only for carrying cargo.”

Speaking about cargo ships, we natually would mention Victory ships and Liberty ships. During the World War II, the United States built a great number of this kind of cargo ships at its shipyards. "The Liberty and Victory ships fulfilled President Roosevelt's prophetic words, serving the nation well in war and peace."

For Shipyards and Suppliers for U. S. Maritime Commission During World War II, please visit U.S. Merchant Marine site.

History of George Warren & Company

Ad_for_the_Boston_Packets.jpgThis old poster on the left shows the advertising for the famous Boston Packets back in early nineteen century. It was initially owned by Enoch Train Co.

George Warren & Company took over the Liverpool - Boston passenger steamship trade known as the Boston Packets in 1865. They sailed mostly between Liverpool and Boston, but also made calls at Halifax and Philadelphia.

"The business was at its best from about 1800 to 1875 or thereabouts, old days, certainly,......" Henry C. Kittredge wrote stories about the Boston Packets and Cape Cod in his publication The American Neptune, --- (1964)

As a company, George Warren & Company continured its expansions. Between 1898 and 1947, the company's name changed many times as shown below:

1898 Changed as the White Diamond SS Company
1912 Formed the George Warren & Company (Liverpool) Limited
1922 Became tje Warren Line (Liverpool) Limited
1934 Purchased other two companies and became Johnston-Warren Line
1947 Known as the Furness-Warren Line
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Selected Images of Cargo Ships

Model of the Lottie Warren
From www.Freepoto.com
From http://www.flickr.com

Ships attracts many people around the world, especially ship photographers like Christoper. Christopher Brooks's shipfoto website has a comrehensive personal photo collection of ships including cargo ships.

For more cargo ship images, you may also visit cargo ships section at www.Freepoto.com .

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